Red Broadband - NBNTM Plans

Red Broadband peers directly with Google, Netflix, Microsoft, Akamai, Ebay, Twitch and others to bring the websites and services your look at as close to you as possible to ensure the fastest speeds.
  • NBN50-300GB
    • Up to 50/20 Mbps
    • Includes VoIP
    • $0.26 per GB inc
    $79.00per month Minimum cost $1,007.00 (12 month contract)
  • NBN50-600GB
    • Up to 50/20 Mbps
    • Includes VoIP
    • $0.15 per GB inc
    $89.00per month Minimum cost $1,127.00 (12 month contract)
  • NBN50-1200GB
    • Up to 50/20 Mbps
    • Includes VoIP
    • $0.08 per GB inc
    $99.00per month Minimum cost $1,247.00 (12 month contract)

Special Offers when you signup for 24 months or more

1.) Second month free (Code: MONTHFREE18)
2.) Double Data for Life (Code: DOUBLEUP18)
3.) $50 Netflix Gift Voucher (Code: NETFLIX50)
Promotions expire 31st March 2018 unless extended and are for new customers only.

Minimum Cost Per Plan including setup fee

Plan Name No Contract
(Total Min Price)
12 Months
(Total Min Price)
24 Months
(Total Min Price)
$278.00 $1,007.00 $1,896.00
$288.00 $1,127.00 $2,136.00
$298.00 $1,247.00 $2,376.00


Setup Fees

Setup fee applies to activation of standard NBNTM service, additional fees may apply for non-standard or additional NBNTM installations. An NBNTM New Development Charge of $300 applies if your premises is identified by NBNTM as being within the site boundary of a new development.

Contract Length Setup Fee
No Contract $199
12 Month Contract $59 - $0 for a limited time
24 Month Contract $0

Please Note

All plans include GST of 10%.
Please see our Critical Information Summary and Terms and Conditions.


Speeds listed are the maximum attainable however actual throughput speeds may be lower due to numerous factors:

  • Number of users concurrently using the interconnecting infrastructure beyond our purview
  • Number of users concurrently using the home network as well as devices downloading data as background activity
  • Quality of the connecting medium used as service delivery method
  • Hardware and software configuration of internal networking equipment and devices
  • The type and/or source of the content being downloaded
  • For further information please click here

All NBNTM Plans include

  • VoIP service included in monthly cost (calls charged separately), requires VoIP-compatible device(s)
  • Up to 5 e-mail addresses
  • No Peak / Off Peak usage period
  • Access to our secure members portal
  • Friendly customer service team based in Perth, WA
  • The shaping speed for our NBN12 plans is 512/512Kbps, all other NBN plans are shaped at 2048/512Kbps